GoToMenu is an online ordering system for restaurants
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As a restaurant manager, you know that there are new social distancing rules to follow. Here comes GoToMenu to make it easier.

What is GoToMenu?
GoToMenu is an online ordering system for your local customers. Your take-out and dine-in customers can order using their smartphones - no need to talk to staff members or touch a menu.

How does it work?
Let’s say that your restaurant name is Cafe California. When you sign up and create your menu, GoToMenu creates a unique online menu like Using this menu customers can place orders right away, to dine-in or to take-out.

What is QR code?
QR code is a black and white square shape that directs customers to your online menu. When your customers point their phone camera to this code they see a button that brings them to your online menu.

Once the order is received, you start working on it, and GoToMenu keeps the customer informed about their order status via text messages – until the order is served.

GoToMenu allows you, the restaurant manager, to control the order flow by arraging the orders as "In progress", "Ready", and "Served" categories.
Why is GoToMenu AWESOME?
  1. You can change YOUR online menu.
  2. No setup, no fees, no contract, cancel anytime.
  3. you don’t pay anything - your customers pay a small service fee.
  4. No equipment to buy, no app to install.
  5. Easy to sign up and try.
  6. Easy to manage orders - from receiving to being served.
  7. The customer is notified by SMS message when the order is received and when it's ready.
  8. It’s easy to be a repeat customer - GoToMenu messages always have your online menu link for new orders.
  9. It makes it easy to become a repeat customer - every message has a link to your menu for more orders.
  10. Follow your customers' tastes and habits.
  11. get started in 10 minutes.

Point your phone camera to the QR code

or click the link below
to see how your online menu can look like. Please play and order with it, it is not an actual restaurant, it is a presentation.

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